Welcome to STEAM, a unique and safe cafe-styled space with a fully-trained multidisciplinary team, offering holistic support to adults experiencing mental health crisis – day and night.

Drawing on experiences and learnings from decades of assistance to those most vulnerable in our community, STEAM provides clients with a calming and informed environment beneficial to their needs.


“If it wasn't for this place I'm not sure I would have coped with my health. I have dissociative disorder and I do have bad attacks. They know what to do if I have one. It's so relaxed and a perfect place to come.”

Each STEAM is individually styled to meet the needs of the local community

Each cafe provides guidance, support and personalised pathway plans, which are mindfully coproduced over a period of time with our team, to enhance future wellbeing for the client.

STEAM provides person centred intervention assistance to support primary services across Suffolk and Norfolk.

Reach out for more information on our approach or to make a simple referral on a client’s behalf via our professional referrals portal.