Mental health support on your high street

Steam House cafes are purpose designed mental health crisis cafes across Norfolk & Suffolk

Find a safe space and sanctuary in your town centre

Discussions about mental health and wellbeing should never be stigmatised
and that’s why STEAM House cafes sit in the centre of the community.

Encouraging open
& honest conversations

Join our growing community across the region, that raises awareness that it’s OK to not be OK.

Client support at STEAM is delivered across five key themes:


Journeys begin with a simple face to face assessment of need. By understanding client requirements and introducing them to our service offering, core elements of trust and commitment are established.


Personalised intensive support plans are identified, understood and then self managed by the client with ongoing team support. This could involve CBT, 1:1 or group engagement activities from within our safe spaces.


Providing educational tools to assist clients' with their needs. Our support provides a nutritional 'good mood' food offering throughout the day, which highlights the importance of maintaining a well balanced diet for a healthy mind and body.


Assisting clients' future ambitions by providing a route to achieve via lived community networking, wellbeing support and employment pathways. Access to guidance across housing, benefits, domestic abuse, LGBTQ+ and more.


Our Team remain available throughout the client's journey, face to face and/or virtually, to offer further light touch assistance as required. This fully inclusive wraparound support aids the client to achieve their full potential.

"STEAM is my safe place to come, when I feel the most unsafe."

"It's great that I can just walk in and someone is there I can talk to."

What clients think of STEAM


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